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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Steps to fix South Africa include

To answer a question that someone presented to me, about "have you spoken to the "DA"?

I've met Helen Zille and other top DA people over a period of more than 10 years. I've got personal phone numbers of top DA people. I've also met top ANC, IFP, ACDP and other political and business leaders over the years ...

Firstly they need to Mandamus each and every minister. Take a look at https://mypowerstation-sa.blogspot.com/2018/01/david-lipschitz-mandamuses-south.html

This is a Mandamus that I presented to government in early 2018. 3 working days later, the government declared the Western Cape a disaster area, without ever mentioning my Mandamus.

My Mandamus took me over 500 hours to Research and Develop and Write. I first had to learn and understand how common law works and I studied the South African and USA Constitutions.

Secondly they need to declare the Electricity Act (law) to be unconstitutional.

Thirdly they need to work to Level the Playing Fields to that everyone has the same access to using and supplying electricity (and water and other products).

South Africa needs a business leader who will lead

Dear Business Leader
Happy new year to you.

I wish and pray that we could find a way to get Milnerton (applicable to any group of people, even if they aren't neighbours) neighbours to work together. If we could, we could

1) reduce our electricity cost whilst dramatically increasing our supply and having no load shedding.
2) give free electricity to the squatter camps around Milnerton.
3) start producing our own water using desalination at under R15 per kL.
4) give free water to our poor neighbours and to poor people living in our suburb.
5) start the production of localised food.

All this is possible and I know how to make it happen technologically. But I lack the social skills.

Financially it is also possible, if we choose to redirect our financial resources to sustainable living, rather than to others, who aren't interested in our lives.

And imagine, lower crime and lower electricity and lower water and lower food costs, whilst at the same time having security of supply and unlimited water and food and electricity and also having sewerage recycling and sewerage mining and other recycling means that Milnerton could become the go to place.

A place of rebirth. A place of plenty. A place of health.

And full employment for anyone in our suburb.

Feel free to roast, criticise, gloat, flame, whatever.

Also free free to help me find the answers I've been searching for since I started on this journey in 1999, when I saw the future.

There are so many strands to this process including declaring the electricity act to be illegal, leveling the playing fields, etc, but it really needs a business leader to step forward to to put his name to the process. At some point this leader will lead and South Africa will have reached the turning point it so desperately needs and which is so so close.

Best regards,

Monday, January 6, 2020

My future world. The world I dream about.

My future world. The world I dream about.
My world of the future, is one where there is abundant electricity, water and food. And where their prices are tending to zero. Imagine if people didn't need to worry about electricity, water and food, and if they didn't need to be concerned with health, clothing, shelter and transport? Imagine what type of world we could live in? I have the answers for how to make this happen, and even though they seem far fetched, they are possible, and I will do my bit to make it happen. It's not just about being Self-Sufficient. It's much more than that. It's about being Community-Sufficient.
Imagine if it was possible to get everyone who wanted to be employed, employed in South Africa? Imagine if this was possible in a very short amount of time? Less than five years and maybe as little as two years! South Africa would explode. Not negatively, but with so much positive energy. Crime will be a thing of the past, although I expect that there will always be petty crime. And opportunistic crime. And then there are the people who talk on their cell phones in their cars and who overtake on solid white lines, and who are potentially criminals at work, when they take paper or a pen from work, without asking for it.
There is a lot that needs to be done. And after 20 years of learning how to make this happen, and of having a beautiful house in Milnerton that is my R&D central, I am ready to make this happen.
The first stage is The Block and the Building Blocks to make The Block happen. The Block is here right where I live. It is the opportunity for Mandelaton. Dig out that presentation. It is the opportunity for a group of people, or a community of people to dramatically and quickly (logarithmically) take advantage of the low hanging fruit to get to a point where transport is free, communication is free, electricity is free, water is free, food is free and we already have houses, but perhaps they are bonded to third parties called banks and perhaps we can "bond" each other in a cooperative bank where we share our resources, but in a sustainable way which includes corporate governance principles.
And so, how does one get to free electricity? How does one fix Eskom? How does one fix a broken water system? How does one create full employment, in a country where 50%+ of people under 35 are unemployed? And perhaps they are "unemployable", but this is in the current economic system, where we have been socialised, or brainwashed into believing in scarcity and into believing that we can't and into believing that we are small.
And yet, so many coaches, and trainers, and motivational speakers, and some leaders, are saying that there is a better way. We are all heavily involved in "self help" but what are we helping when what actually happens is that a smaller and smaller group of people are becoming richer and richer and we, the people, are becoming more and more dependent on them?
Perhaps for a few hundred years, we just haven't seen this. The world has been growing. And as the population grows, the need for services and factories grows. Initially people's personal power was needed to run those factories, but those factories have been automated. So many of the blue collar workers' jobs are automated. And this is in textiles, farm and food production, mining, and now it is moving into white collar jobs, automated call centres, automated doctors, automated so many things.
And to some extent this is a good thing. But it is only a good thing, if we make sure that the current Pharaoh doesn't change from being good natured into being a tyrant. Already some of the Software as a Service companies have started putting their prices up and making their goods unaffordable, and what can people do? They have moved into the Cloud. It seemed cheaper, but is it? Were mainframes cheap? If they were why did client-server arrive? The Cloud of today is The Mainframe of yesterday. The internet is supposed to be free. It is paid for by service providers, but those service providers shouldn't be allowed to lock one into paying bigger and bigger amounts every month for services, especially when one could have provided those services "on-premise" cheaper!
There is always an opportunity to look after oneself, but the newest opportunity it to look after oneself in community, but without the possibility of being yoked, without the possibility of becoming a slave, without the possibility of one's life being corrupted and one's life being controlled and manipulated by another.
Every morning, Jews thank God for being freed from that dark place, Mitzrayim, Egypt in English. Every morning, Jews thank God for Him Redeeming us, for buying us out of slavery.
And we need to remember this. A lot is at stake. We can make a difference in our lives, but we need to be prepared to put time into ourselves. We need to be prepared to put as much time into our oxygen, our health, our food, our electricity, our water, our environment, as we put into watching sport. This is a tremendous challenge, and I am up for it.
Will you join me?

Oxygen: The FIrst Building Block of The Block.

Oxygen: The FIrst Building Block of The Block.
In order to see a pattern, one needs a break. When a wave breaks on the sea, one sees the pattern of the wave. Sea waves are called Transverse Waves. A break of lightening allows you to hear and see it.
I thought I should write about Oxygen today. This is the start of my paradigm shift. It starts with what we need to live immediately. And what we need NOW is Oxygen, O2. WIthout oxygen, we can live a minute, and if we know how to breathe, perhaps four minutes. And then our brain and body dies.
So our highest priority should be on our air. But we pollute the air and we are therefore polluted.
An Oxygen rich environment gives us so many things. Life. Breath. Breathing. Neshima. Neshama. Soul. Peace. Wholeness. Shalem. Shalom. It gives the body an opportunity to repair itself. It leads to alkalinity. A way to fix cancer was discovered in 1931. This is to put cells into an oxygen rich environment. When cells are starved of oxygen, they start eating each other. This is cancer. Cancer is when cells eat the cells next to them instead of cohabiting with them and "being nice." In order to be nice, we need Oxygen. Just like in war, if you starve your people of oxygen, you poison them, and their minds are poisoned and they will do what their leaders want them to do. Their minds are numb. They are open to doing the most horrible things.
When one puts Oxygen into water, the water becomes Mayim Chayim (living, healing water). The Water of Life. Actually water already has oxygen in it, after all water is H20. Two Hydrogens. One Oxygen. Makes water. And it's a strong bond. A very strong bond. Freezing water. The water keeps this bond. Boiling water, even at very high temperatures, like 800 degrees celsius, creates steam. The Water Molecule bond is not broken.
Water can be made to be happy or sad. And as Masaru Emoto has shown, from Japan, happy water and sad water look different. Their molecules change. If you pour two glasses of water, and you shout at one of them, and you bless another one of them, the one you shouted at will make you sick and the one you blessed will heal you. Not only this, but Dr Emoto showed how their molecular structure is different!
Alkalinity or acidity plays an important part in our lives. The more alkaline our body is the more chance it has of having a great life. But our body can withstand some acidity, for example in a lemon, and even the stomach has hydrochloric acid in it, but if you drink the acid, you will hurt yourself. One can see this when one has "acid reflux" where the valve at the top of the stomach doesn't close properly and then when one sleeps, the acid escapes the stomach and burns the esophagus, the tube between the throat and the stomach. People take Gaviscon to solve this problem, but there are easier ways, like looking at your diet and perhaps removing the chilli in your diet. Chilli is great, for example for killing bacteria, for the heart and for one's sex drive. Just if you get acid reflux, stop the chilli and see what happens.
It's a funny thing. We were talking to some of our friends today. They have fitbits. A fitbit tracks your activity. So when you go to get coffee, your insurance company knows about it, and when you go to the toilet they know, and when you sit at your desk they know, and they know other things that you would prefer them not to know. ok David, back to the point! Their health insurance company requires them to do 10,000 steps a day to be on a certain plan. I find this funny. Yes, exercise is important. But what about the food we eat? What about our mindset? What about the amount of time we put into what we eat, and what we drink and what we think, and whether we meditate or do Tai Chi? What about if we are in an oxygen rich environment? What if we swim in an oxygen rich pool or a chlorinated pool?
The picture is much bigger.
And we need to be Incentivising this bigger picture.
More and more people are getting sicker and sicker, and this with gym, and with fitbits and walking 10,000 steps a day. A new paradigm is at hand. And I want to show it to you.
Remember: the starting point to a happy, healthy, content, peaceful, life, is Oxygen. Clean, pure, air. Our highest priority should be the air we breathe. Our very highest priority. In order to think clearly, we need Oxygen.
Oxygen. Life. ...