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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Delphi a top 10 programming language

According to TIOBE, Delphi is a top 10 programming language. Might overtake Javascript in the next year or two.


The index is based on searches on search engines. More here.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Textile Factory Open Source Software

I am a Delphi and RDBMS software development expert.
I've been programming since the 1970's and with Pascal since Turbo Pascal on an Apple Computer in the early 80's. Delphi is easy to write, easy to maintain, self documenting, lends itself to sharing, and I would like to share my amazing textile factory, and many of my other software applications, free of charge for the world to use and share.

I know something about Textile Factory Software. I have decided to open source my development. Approximately 197 forms in the 8 applications will be published free of charge.

“The system must have a zero maintenance requirement on a monthly basis as there will be no technical computer people on hand.  This means that the chosen system must manage itself, that the software must be bug free and at the same time easy to maintain.”
 - David Lipschitz, 1995

Look at the presentation. Let me know what you think.