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Genesis 1, 28 says that we should "go forth and multiply, and replenish the earth." Not all Bibles have this "replenish the e...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Power Station offers electricity meter Installed by a qualified electrician

Efergy e2 now available with installation by qualified electricians in Cape Town.

The product is only R100 more than our combined kit including the Efergy e2, PowerStation charger, 8 AA rechargeable batteries and 8 AAA rechargeable batteries. The charger has electricity and cigarette lighter charger connections.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ancient Teachings

Genesis 1, 28 says that we should "go forth and multiply, and replenish the earth." Not all Bibles have this "replenish the earth" in them, but this is a direct translation from the Hebrew and is in my Bible. We cannot simply take and take. When nature decides that she has had enough, we will be given a lesson. We are also told that the "sins of the fathers will be on the children to the forth generation" (Deuteronomy 5, 9). Four generations are about 100 years. This sentence means that we should consider 100 years time in all our decision making. The warnings are in our most ancient teachings. It's about time we heeded them.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Efergy Product Photos

We have had our Efergy e2 products professionally photographed and have changed the photos on our product page.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

IRP2010 Deadline Dates Extended

Dear Stakeholder,

Kindly note that due to numerous requests from stakeholders, coupled with the Department of Energy's commitment to ensuring thorough engagement on the Draft IRP2010, we have decided to extend the original thirty (30) day period for submission of written comments from the public, by a further thirty (30) days.

This means that the new deadline for submission of written comments on the Draft IRP2010 is 10 December 2010. Please still ensure that you send your comments (in the prescribed format) by this time to IRP2010@mweb.co.za

Kindly also note that due to the nature and volume of requests we have been receiving for slots to present at the Public Hearings, we have decided to set aside a total of four (4) days for Public Hearings, across three (3) regions as follows:

1. 26 November 2010 - Durban
2. 29 November 2010 - Cape Town
3. 02 and 03 December 2010 - Johannesburg

Kindly indicate to us the following:

1. Which Public Hearing you will be attending;
2. The number of attendees from your respective organisation that will be attending;
3. If you have been allocated a slot to present by Ms Angelique Kilian, please indicate which region you intend presenting to Ms Angelique Kilian at IRP2010@mweb.co.za by close of business on
01 November 2010.
4. All final presentations to be presented must be emailed to IRP2010 by 19 November 2010.

Kindly note that you will be advised of the actual venues per region, in due course.

We thank you for your valued participation and interest in the development of our Draft IRP2010.

Kind regards,

Angelique Kilian

Eco-Kettle and Efergy help to save money

"Just in case your mates are skeptical, you should actually buy an Efergy Elite. It is an energy use monitor that will record every watt you use. This way, when you mates ask you to prove your point, you just show them the numbers and "Bang!" you've started a revolution. You see, most people tend to ignore what they do not see. With an Efergy Elite you will see the results. This way you, your family and your mates will be able to track the results and feel more involved. They will go out and buy their own and you can have a contest. You'll have intelligence in the war on global warming."

More at Alternative Energy Centre.

Huge Solar PV Manufacturing Expansion: 60% Growth

See SolarBuz.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pick 'n Pay and Villiera Wine Estate install grid-tie net-metering systems

It seems like NERSA are allowing grid-tie net-metering systems as long as they are "under the radar."

This means that as long as the systems never have a credit balance at month or year end, they are ok.

See Pick 'n Pay and Villiera who have installed systems in the past month.

If this is the case, then it is a win for South Africa. We have long awaited a ruling from NERSA regarding grid-tie and net-metering and perhaps by NERSA allowing these two high profile systems, it is telling South Africa, it's ok.

Note that grid-tie and net-metering is completely left out of the new IRP2010 process, ie the Integrated Resource Plan which sets out South Africa's electricity policies for the next 20 years.

Government caught out

See http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/solar-park-not-out-in-the-cold-government-insists-2010-10-18

This just shows what the government is saying in the media (propaganda and window dressing) vs what they strategically think. It's about time that this misalignment is brought out into the open.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Security of Supply

Durban refinery shut due to major power failure in Durban.

We need security of supply. The fastest way to get this is with grid-tie inverters and net-metering. This will be at zero cost to the country.

Email me for more information.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nuclear Project Shelved in Favour of Wind Project

Constellation Energy has shelved its proposal to build a new reactor at its Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant, Obama administration officials said Friday, even though the administration had decided to award the project a $7.5 billion loan guarantee.

More details at The Washington Post.

This is yet another nuclear project that has been shelved. Nuclear projects require huge government subsidies, loan guarantees and insurance guarantees. Why aren't these subsidies, loan guarantees, etc, provided to renewable energy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Net Metering: selling at the same price you pay

See this article from a New Zealand newspaper.

It shows that it is possible to make an income with Net Metering.

Net Metering means that one sells electricity at the same price one pays for it.

Note that the main point about Net Metering is to maximise one's renewable energy electrical output in order to reduce one's electrical bill and provide security of supply to one's house or business.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RE < C ? Is Renewable Energy cheaper or more expensive than fossil fuels?

I am publishing this post in the interest of getting discussion going.

"The Thanet wind farm will milk uk of billions"

The media remain conspicuously silent about the real price we pay for wind
energy, says Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker

The Telegraph

Published: 6:04PM BST 25 Sep 2010

Blown out of proportion: the wind farm at Thanet Photo: REUTERS

In all the publicity given to the opening of "the world's largest wind farm"
off the Kent coast last week, by far the most important and shocking aspect
of this vast project was completely overlooked. Over the coming years we
will be giving the wind farm's Swedish owners a total of £1.2 billion in
subsidies. That same sum, invested now in a single nuclear power station,
could yield a staggering 13 times more electricity, with much greater

The first all-too-common mistake in the glowing coverage accorded to the
inauguration of this Thanet wind farm by the Climate Change Secretary, Chris
Huhne, was to accept unquestioningly the claims of the developer,
Vattenfall, about its output. The array of 100 three-megawatt (MW) turbines,
each the height of Blackpool Tower, will have, it was said, the "capacity"
to produce 300MW of electricity, enough to "power" 200,000 (or even 240,000)

This may be true at those rare moments when the wind is blowing at the right
speeds. But the wind, of course, is intermittent, and the average output of
these turbines will be barely a quarter of that figure. The latest official
figures on the website of Mr Huhne's own department show that last year the
average output (or "load factor") of Britain's offshore turbines was only 26
per cent of their capacity.

Due to its position, the wind farm's owners will be lucky to get, on
average, 75MW from their windmills, a fraction of the output of a proper
power station. The total amount of electricity the turbines actually produce
will equate to the average electricity usage not of 240,000 homes, but of
barely half that number.

A far more significant omission from the media reports, however, was any
mention of the colossal subsidies this wind farm will earn. Wind energy is
subsidised through the system of Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs),
unwittingly paid for by all of us through our electricity bills.
Our electricity supply companies are obliged to buy offfshore wind energy at
three times its normal price, so that each megawatt hour of electricity
receives a 200 per cent subsidy of £100.

This means that the 75MW produced on average by Thanet will receive
subsidies of £60 million a year, on top of the £30-40 million cost of the
electricity itself. This is guaranteed for the turbines' estimated working
life of 20 years, which means that the total subsidy over the next two
decades will be some £1.2 billion. Based on the costings of the current
French nuclear programme, that would buy 1 gigawatt (1,000MW) of carbon-free
nuclear generating capacity, reliably available 24 hours a day
- more than 13 times the average output of the wind farm.

The 100 turbines opened last week cost £780 million to build, which means
that the £100 million a year its owners hope to earn represents a 13 per
cent return on capital, enough to excite the interest of any investor. And
these turbines are only the first stage of a project eventually designed to
include 341 of them, generating subsidies of £1 billion every five years.

A final claim for the Thanet wind farm (which Mr Huhne boasts is "only the
beginning") is that it will create "green jobs" - although the developers
say that only 21 of these will be permanent. These are thus costing, in
"green subsidies" alone, £3 million per job per year, or £57 million for
each job over the next 20 years. The Government gaily prattles about how it
wants to create "400,000 green jobs", which on this basis would eventually
cost us £22.8 trillion, or 17 times the entire annual output of the UK

If all this sounds dizzyingly surreal, the fact remains that we must begin
to grasp just what the green fantasies of Mr Huhne, the EU and the rest are
costing us. Even the Queen, we learn, tried to claim a "fuel poverty"
allowance for her soaring electricity bills, which have risen 50 per cent in
the past year. But a crucial first step towards getting some grip on reality
must be for those who report on these wind farms to stop hiding away the
colossal price we are all now having to pay for one of the greatest scams of
our age.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The government has just stopped the massive investment over the past decade in the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor.  You'd think they would start funding Renewable Energy adoption in South Africa, but no, our esteemed ministers are off on a tangent exploring Thorium.  See http://www.energyforecastonline.co.za/index.php/water-and-energy/173-energy

What do you think?

Why is Germany installing half the world's solar photovoltaic panels even though they have 3 hours average sunshine and Cape Town has 5 hours average sunshine and Upington has 8 hours average sunshine?  Why did China install 37 gigawatts (37,000 megawatts) of renewable energy last year?

Why is South Africa being left behind whilst the first world goes full steam ahead installing renewable energy?  Why is Africa being left behind?  Why should South Africa build these massive coal and nuclear plants that first world countries don't want anymore?

There are solutions.  We need to embrace them now before it is too late.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PV Industry Production grew 51% last year

http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2010/09/solar-cell-production-climbs-to-another-record-in-2009  One needs to ask the question: "Why is the ANC delaying the introduction of renewable energy in South Africa when it is growing so quickly and providing so much employment and reducing peoples cost of living?"

Monday, September 20, 2010

GBCSA Exhibition

Photos from the Green Council Exhibition, Cape Town, South Africa on MyPowerStation on Facebook.

My Power Station installs Power Station at Gecko Rock

My Power Station has just completed an installation of an off-grid photovoltaic (PV) system at Gecko Rock, near Touwsriver, Western Cape, South Africa.

Friday, September 17, 2010

SA officially ends support to PBMR (Pebble Bed Modular Reactor)

See Engineering News. If the R10 Billion had been invested in Solar Water Heaters, we would have 1 million R10,000 Solar Water Heaters already displacing 2 GW of electrical energy. Instead we have nothing. Will the weakest link please leave the room? We don't have much more time for foolish money-spending programs. The time for 21st Century thinking is NOW. Read Free Life On Earth if you haven't already read it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do you want to retire in 2 to 5 years?

http://www.mypowerstation.biz/ just hit 601 Facebook Likes & is now ranked 716,733 worldwide and 1,471 in South Africa. See http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/mypowerstation.biz#. Compare with your web-site.

If you are interested in increasing your sales, then email me or reply here. I will be running a weekly webinar (with a twist) from mid October onwards. It should allow attendees to retire (i.e. have enough monthly income to live on) within 2 to 5 years.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do we need retirement funding and a cost of living?

Can we live a Free Life On Earth without Retirement Funding and without a Cost of Living for ourselves and for our environment? I believe we can: see http://mypowerstation.wordpress.com/article/free-life-on-earth-213ev1gehazzh-1/.

Monday, September 6, 2010

David's new year message 5771: Free Life On Earth

Greetings my friends,

I have written a Rosh Hashanah and Eid Mubarak message which is applicable to my Jewish and Muslim friends at this time of year, and is also applicable to all my friends and everyone I know and/or who know me. It is here.

It deals with my philosophy and shows how we can live in this life, not be apathetic or dead, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our cost of living for ourselves and this earth and think differently. Enjoy. Grab a cup of tea or coffee as it is 8 pages. There are bits in bold in each paragraph in case you'd like to have a quick scan.

Sorry it is so long, but I haven't written for a long time and there is a lot to catch up on. I have recreated myself at MyPowerStation. You can read about how it happened on my PR page.

The order of importance of the highlighting in the text is yellow, then green, then purple.

The article refers to Genesis and Deuteronomy and our Constitution and President Jacob Zuma and Helen Zille and Dan Plato and you and me. It also refers to R100 Billion and shows us how we can think about such big numbers and what we can do with R100,000,000,000 if we decide not to build a coal powered power station and spend the money differently. We have to assume that if the government can find R100,000,000,000 to build a power station, they they (we) can find the money and use it for purposes that reduce our cost of living both for ourselves and our planet. We have to further assume that if our government ministers can think about the value of One Hundred Thousand Million Rand then so can we.

I wish you all a content 5771 or 2010/2011 and may you "retire" by at least 5% in the next year, ie worry about the future 5% less. If we seek to retire by 5% per annum for 20 years, then in 20 years time we will be retired, ie we won't need to worry about the future. If you are confused then read the Knol.

Shalom Aleichem / Salaam Aleikum / Namaste / Peace (of mind, health, body and soul) to You
Your friend, David

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rechargeable Batteries just added to mypowerstation.biz

We just added the Hahnel batteries and battery charger to our My Power Station store.

This press release added 3rd September 2010 and updated 10th September 2010. We didn't like the first Hahnel charger we found as it didn't show when the batteries were full. We have now find a more advanced Hahnel charger and have tested it and are happy with it.

David Lipschitz, Energy Expert at MyPowerStation, says that he chose these batteries and battery charger for the following reasons:

The charger uses the latest technology and includes a microchip for optimal charging and battery life. The charger charges AA (R6-Mignon) and AAA (Micro) batteries. You can find a product manual here.

The charger comes with a 240 Volt mains adapter and a 12 Volt car adapter.

Supplied with 4 High Power Rechargeable AA 1.25V 2500mAh (or higher) Ni-MH Batteries. If you buy our kit with the Efergy and batteries and battery charger, you get 8 AA batteries and 8 AAA batteries.

Charge time about 3 to 4 hours depending on battery type and capacity.

The batteries are made from Nickel Metal Hydride which is a reasonably clean technology for recycling and proper disposal.

Hahnel batteries are designed in Cork, Ireland.
Here is a quote from http://www.batteryuniversity.com/partone-20.htm: "Although nickel-metal-hydride is considered environmentally friendly, this chemistry is also being recycled. The main derivative is nickel, which is considered semi-toxic. nickel-metal-hydride also contains electrolyte that, in large amounts, is hazardous. If no disposal service is available in an area, individual nickel-metal-hydride batteries can be discarded with other household wastes. If ten or more batteries are accumulated, the user should consider disposing of these packs in a secure waste landfill."

Hahnel is an independent manufacturer of batteries, power adapters, chargers and accessories for cameras and notebooks. Hahnel’s products are designed for most major manufacturers and models and offer an affordable alternative to brand name products.

Hahnel was originally a German company, but is now based in Cork, Ireland. In 2008 the company celebrated fifty years of business.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Efergy e2 Wireless Electricity Meter Product Manuals

We have loaded a Efergy e2 Wireless Electricity Meter technical data sheet and setup instructions to ISSUU.

Note that the 3 phase Efergy is the same as the single phase Efergy. It just needs to have its voltage set to 380 Volts and it needs 3 sensors instead of 1 sensor.

The standard kit comes with one sensor and costs R899. The extra two sensors make the kit R1199. Prices include VAT and delivery in South Africa.

Re ISSUU: You can click anywhere on the picture to zoom in and move the mouse around the screen to move the document around. You can also move the mouse to the right of the page to see an arrow to move forwards a page.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Green Building Council Exhibition 20-22 September 2010. Press Release. 30th August 2010.

www.MyPowerStation.biz will have a stand at the GBCSA exhibition on 20th to 22nd September 2010 at the CTICC. See http://www.gbcsa-convention.org.za/eflash/300810/gbcsaconvention.htm

Also see our MyPowerStation Press Release web site for more Press Releases.

My Power Station dot biz Store - South Africa

My Power Station dot biz Store - South Africa

We just reached 10,777 on the Alexa scoreboard.

We were at 47,000 two weeks ago. Last week at 27,000 and yesterday at 13,577.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Efergy Extra Large XL Sensor (CT-Clamp)

We have added the Efergy XL Sensor to our web site.

Use this for cables over 12 mm diameter diameter and less than 19mm diameter.

This sensor allows up to 140 Amps whereas the standard sensor allows up to 90 Amps.

For single phase, you will need to purchase one of these.

For three phase, you will need to purchase three of these.

The sensor is about twice the size of a standard sensor and is mainly for use in industrial applications.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Does anyone know what R100 Billion is?

R100 Billion is R100,000,000,000 or 1 with 11 zeros after it or 10^11 in scientific notation.

Can you picture 100,000,000,000 centimeters?

What is 100,000,000,000 centimeters?

The distance to the moon is 384,403 km which is 384,403,000 metres which is 38,440,300,000 cms which is 38 billion which is still less than 100 billion!! So 100 billion centimeters is about 3 times the distance from the earth to the moon in centimeters.

We are continuously told by government that there's no money, but if we think differently we will suddenly find we have ample money.

The South African government spent R7 billion on consultants last year to mainly write reports which are never going to be used or implemented. The R7 billion could have bought 700,000 R10,000 Solar Water Heaters. The R7 billion could have paid proper teachers salaries.

One way to find the money is to use the R100 billion for the Medupi power station in a different way. Stop the Medupi new power station development, pay the fines, and use the remaining R70 billion (my guess) for R30 billion of Solar Water Heaters (20GW of energy instead of 5GW of energy), R7 Billion for the teachers, and "change" for: feed in tariffs; zero VAT on renewable energy products; 30% rebates on all solar water and renewable energy installations; tax credits; R10 billion for training and skills transfer from Germany, Spain, USA, Australia, etc.

I had a meeting with an accountant today and did a presentation about thinking differently and mentioned the R100 billion. He said what can we do & we should concentrate on the "small numbers" that we can do something about. I said what's the turnover of your biggest client? He said R200 million. I said that is 500 times less than what the government is spending (on 1 power station and we need 4 more in 5 to 10 years and another 16 after that!! - if we don't change our thinking) and accountants have a huge amount of education and annual courses, exams, etc. The government employee probably doesn't have this level of financial knowledge. How is it that she can understand a figure 500 times more than he can?

The point is that the citizens of the world pay these huge figures when we really don't need to. The governments of the world have as much money as they need. They just print it. It's called inflation. Let's use some of this money to rectify our mistakes so that we don't need a cost of living anymore - and so that we can have real deflation where our money is worth more each day instead of less each day.

Please visit My Power Station for more information about how you can reduce your personal carbon footprint today. Then please read "David Lipschitz Facebook Campaign to Make South Africa a Better Place" and write to our ministers and get the rules of the game changed. Email addresses are provided in the Facebook article.

Ke Nako
The time is now.
Solar Regards,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Letter to the President of South Africa, The Premier of the Western Cape, the Speaker of Cape Town, and the Mayor

Dear all

Here is an email that a number of people have just asked me to write. I haven't included the attachments. If you want the original, please email me and I'll send you the original.

Solar Greetings
David Lipschitz

To: The Speaker, The Mayor and The Premier

cc'ed to various people who are pleading with me to stay on on the Ward Forum (and Sandi FYI).  Also cc'ed to various newspapers as the ward forum is an open platform as stated in its manifesto and governing rules.  I have also cc'ed President Jacob Zuma as I feel that the ANC and the DA both have the problems outlined below and I would very much like a resolution on these matters as a concerned Citizen of our beautiful Republic of South Africa.

I sent the email below and the "100817 Ward Forum 4 David Lipschitz Resignation.doc" attachment off yesterday.  I told the Ward Forum in an email on the 4th of August that I intend to resign and Sandi requested I do so formally.  I have sent off the letter, but can still change my mind.  We'll get to that.  But please read my letter of resignation dated 17th August 2010 (100817 ...) attached.  It is almost a verbatim copy of a letter I wrote to the Milnerton Residents Association on 5th October 2007.

I have been considering my position carefully over the past few months and don't feel that the ward forum adequately meets our (South African citizens) needs.  According to the "Making a difference through public participation Ward Forums" document, "Ward Forums are structured channels of communication between sub-councils and the wards."

Furthermore the Ward Forum code of conduct has certain timing limits on how long it can take for a councillor or even the speaker to respond and these limits are continuously being ignored.

- Forum members must at all times advance and act in the interest of the City of Cape Town and their community;- Forum members must not use their position to promote personal or private interest;- Forum members should avoid political conflicts among themselves and must also avoid political conflicts between themselves and the ward councillor.
At the recent workshop of sub council chairperson recommendations for tough disciplinary action was proposed for ward forum members who push political agendas.

Ward forum members must at all times advance and act in the interest of the City of Cape Town and their community and not promote personal or private interest.  I am one of the people who honestly and with integrity seeks to uphold these values.

I joined the ward forum about 3 years ago when it was formed because of the "structured channel of communications."  I felt that structure would be better than what we had before, ie residents associations that weren't being listened to.  But we are yet another cog in a machine which doesn't listen to its people whilst at the same time making it look like they are listening.  It is called Greenwashing.  I should hasten to add that Constantia, Newlands and Somerset Residents Associates are listened to and one should ask why?

I also sent the following challenge to the world on Facebook requesting that we get renewable energy onto the agenda.  Isn't it better to spend R100,000,000,000 on 20GW of energy employing 35,000 people than on 5GW of energy employing 1,000 people and damaging the environment for thousands of years?  See http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=143982192292305  I have written to government and Cosatu with this suggestion and have been ignored.

I also wrote to the Premier of the Western Cape in February with a method to allow private people and businesses to create renewable energy systems at no cost to the government.  We are even prepared to sell energy to the grid at the same price that the City of Cape Town pays Eskom!  Why?  Because then our panels and turbines can be 95% efficient, ie 95% of the energy from the solar panels and wind turbines can be used.  At the moment, in my house, my efficiency is about 35% with a battery system which doesn't reverse feed the grid.  I would probably never feed the grid, but on many days I am generating 800 Watts and only using 400 Watts and the other 400 Watts could be reducing my pool pump cost and therefore demands on the grid.

On Monday night (16th August 2010) I attended a talk by a nuclear expert who said that electricity demand is increasing at 4% per annum.  If it is, then we can never catch up if we constantly use old thinking.  See PowerPoint attachment.  The numbers in the attachment come from Eskom's web site.  The reason for so few power failures at the moment is because of the recession.

The PowerPoint attachment contains the challenge we have in the 21st Century; The Seven Crises in our Energy System by Dr Hermann Scheer, member of the German Government, implementor of renewable energy policies and founder of IRENA (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_KZ01ps6gI); and some graphs showing that we cannot catch up even if we spend a trillion Rand over the next 20 years and mortgage South Africa to outside interests (the new way of waging war!!),

We truly live in the "age of stupid" as Mervyn King said in a meeting at the BOE in Cape Town a few months ago.  There are ways that we could dramatically increase employment, dramatically increase food production, dramatically reduce our cost of living, and truly make South Africa great, but we choose to follow "first world principles" instead of tried and tested African traditions.

The Bible says a couple of things that might help us:
1) "Go forth and multiply".  At a meeting on Monday night, I asked about 20 people if they had read Genesis Chapter 1 vs 28 and all of them said no.  Can any of you please honestly tell me if you have read this sentence?  If you have, you will know that this line has been taken out of context because the phrase continues: "Go forth and multiply, and replenish the earth."  We have gone forth and multiplied; now we must replenish the earth;
2) "The sins of the fathers will be upon the children to the forth generation."  Deuteronomy Chapter 5 vs 9.  What this really means from an environmental point of view is that we must consider the forth generation after us in everything we do!
3) Bal Tashchit: There is a Biblical principle that protects trees.  We are cutting down trees.  Trees are our life.  Perhaps that's why people like the Dalai Lama aren't allowed to visit South Africa.  http://www.dalailama.com/messages/environment/buddhist-monks-reflections

My friends, I have a definition of Apathy.  "Apathetic people can do anything they like because one day the Messiah will come and save them."  This might be true.  I personally believe that each of us have Messianic properties and that by working together we can bring on a Messianic age with loads of food, loads of people thinking about the environment, loads of health and much less work.  In the Jewish Orthodox prayer book, it says that God will revive the Dead.  My personal view follows: Dear friends, so many people are "dead" whilst they are alive.  They are unconscious, just going to work, making money, buying food on the way home, cooking, watching TV, and then doing the same thing the next day.

We have such an incredible opportunity in South Africa to "revive the dead", to help make the apathetic concerned, to have 100% employment whilst at the same time polluting the earth less and saving money.  Let's make this country a land of milk and honey, something that is promised in the Bible and which can happen even in South Africa if we choose to make it so.

On so my friends, I think you can see my values.  If you still can't please see my Unashamedly Ethical Certificate at http://issuu.com/mypowerstation/docs/david_lipschitz_unashamedly_ethical_certificate

And so to my demands.  Note that all of these are three years old or more and the Ward Forum and Milnerton and other residents associations have spent 100's of hours on each one at a huge personal and community and paper cost.

1) The R27 from Tableview to Milnerton.
The left land was repaired a few years ago, but the repair was worse than the original!  I and others requested that the contractor be made to pay for the repairs at his cost.  We were told that this lane would be repaired when the IRT is built.  The IRT is complete in this section, but the road hasn't been fixed.

2) Equini Centre, The Paddocks, Milnerton.
The developers ignored cracks developing in their neighbours properties.  The developers drilled into the aquifer.  The developers should be made to pay for this.  I believe they have liquidated the company.  If this is the case, then company law allows them to be sued in their personal capacity for dereliction of duty;

3) 84 Ascot Road
This business owner has been fined R3,000 for operating a furniture business.  Has he paid?  See attachment prepared on 4th September 2008.

4) 4 Dordrecht Road
This business owner and his tenant operate a mini repair business.  They race their cars at Killarney race track.  The owner of the house is Mr Whitehead, a lawyer who I understand represents the city.  See attachment written on 19th September 2007 and affidavit written on 19th May 2008.  I asked Mr Whitehead if I could build a car repair business next to his house in Newlands.  He said he would fight it.

5) Lagoon Views: see attachment from 9th October 2007!  Nothing has been done.  The late Rob Robertson fought this very hard.  He also fought regarding the hotel at the Lagoon Mouth.  He knew Helen Zille personally.  Hopefully she will remember how hard he fought for the rights of so many;

6) Together with Tableview and Parklands, we live in the fastest growing cities in South Africa and the Southern Hemisphere, taking Milnerton, Tableview and Parklands as cities combining to form Cape Town.  We also live right next to the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.  At the time it was built it made sense.  We live in a draught area and bringing electricity from the old Eastern Transvaal power stations was seen as strategically problematic.  However, Nuclear power doesn't make sense anymore.  We wanted our voices to be heard at the Ward Forum meeting on the 5th August 2010, but that meeting was cancelled.  It is imperative that our voices are heard and that the new IRP2010 Energy Strategy is implemented before decisions are made regarding Nuclear Energy.

There are cheaper, more effective methods, that will not cost the earth, that will protect the environment, that will give the average African like myself a better life with less crime, give jobs to millions of South Africans and reduce our pollution and waste.  If only we are prepared to try.  I met Anton Bredell on 8th June 2010.  I was hoping that he would understand these matters and be prepared to speak on a platform of the Environment, after all he is the Provincial Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs & Development Planning, but I was disappointed.  He isn't prepared to step outside party lines!!

Yet the 2003 White Paper on Renewable Energy which sets guidelines is being ignored.  It is referred to in the latest Final White Paper that I have attached.  The only thing all these laws do is make the consultants rich.  We are told that we have the best environmental legislation in the world.  But why don't we implement some of this legislation?  Is it because it is easier for MP's to sit in parliament creating new laws than getting out amongst communities helping us to save money?  In fact, I propose that a number of laws which protect big business at the expense of the common man are scrapped forthwith.  We have way to much complicated and conflicting laws in this country.  I propose that we start again with a legal system based on African cultural principles which have as their highest goals and ideals: respecting the earth, community and family.

Let's remember our Constitution and the people like Nelson Mandela and Albie Sacks who made it a reality:

Section 24 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996
Everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being; and to have the environment protected, for the benefit of present and future generations, through reasonable legislative and other measures that prevent pollution and ecological degradation; promote conservation; and secure ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources while promoting justifiable economic and social development.

As always, I am at your service as a Citizen of my Beloved Country, South Africa.

Peace on you, my Brothers and Sisters,
Ke Nako, the time is now,
Solar Regards,
David Lipschitz

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Eat 1 KG less meat in the next year: Dramatically reduce our Cost of Living

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Then read what we can do on Info and then go to Discussions and read the discussions. Start with Food Security. Start by committing to eating 1KG less meat (beef, chicken, fish) in the next year. If 49 million people in South Africa eat 1 KG less beef (each) in the next year and eat vegetables or wheat instead, we will save 2,146 billion (2 trillion) litres of water, 367 million litres of petrol and diesel. We will need 213,043 fewer cows. We will start saving the rain-forests.

If we use the soya to feed people, we would feed 30 times more people because 1 hectare of soya feeds 60 people whereas 1 hectare of soya fed to cows and then fed to people only feeds 2 people.

There are some very simple African solutions to our problems. We don't need complex and expensive "Western, First World, medicine" for our problems. According to African tradition, meat was only be eaten on special occasions, eg births, circumcisions, marriages, birthdays, deaths.

As an African, born in South Africa, who left SA to go live in England as I didn't want to fight in the townships in 1987 and who voted in England in 1994 for a new South Africa, and who returned in 1995 to join in the building of this beautiful country, I salute you, and ask that we join together to build our land and reduce our cost of living.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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