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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Programming and Learning: eg on Udemy

When you can't get something done, or when you can't understand something, eg when learning on Udemy:

1) Try to find a working example of what you want to do, eg on another web site. Copy and paste and change to your needs. I see Rob doing a lot of copying of existing code from various web sites. This is a good thing in web development.

2) When you are stuck, watch Rob do the work. Then try to do it yourself without watching the video and without referring to what Rob did. Then try again the next day, or when you have time.

3) Sometimes it is difficult to get to certain concepts. I am currently a bit confused between the various syntax requirements in JavaScript, JQuery and PHP, but I guess it will come right with practice. For example string concatenation and $'s at the beginning of variables is slightly confusing.

Keep at it. Don't give up. And remember many of us give ourselves an unnecessary hard time, including me.

Note: Rob is one of the Udemy trainers.