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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Taking stock of David Lipschitz on 3rd December 2016

I am a passionate computer programmer specialising in back office systems like financial, accounting, stock control, ERP, incentive and loyalty systems, etc. I work mainly with Delphi and Oracle and SQL-Server and MySQL and historically C#, PHP, WebDev, etc. I've just done a Microsoft Access Database Update for someone and I'm getting into more sophisticated PHP and MySQL programming than I have done in the past.

I specialise in writing "bespoke" systems for people, ie I write software dedicated to the needs of my clients.

And I know a lot about PL/SQL and optimising SQL in databases. Recently I optimised a query that was taking 4 hours into taking 4 minutes, and this without any database or index changes, just changing the structure of the query.

I can work from anyone for anyone anywhere. I like to VPN into my clients systems.

Because I work from anywhere at any time, I have time for other passions in my life like becoming a Bodhisattva, being a Tai Chi Instruction and a Reiki Master. And hiking, swimming, skiing, and having fun.

I studied internal and external energy and today I am able to understand the words that people use to explain their "predicament" and show them the meaning of their words. Call me for a consultation, and in two hours (usually) find out what you want in life.

In 2016, I developed a methodology called The My Power Station Methodology and it deals with how to get rid of Anxiety.

First and foremost I am a competent, incredibly good and passionate programmer. I can program computers and I can help people understand their programs (mission on Earth).

Hope this helps. Happy to answer any questions.

Back Pain, or any pain?

Mirjana, Lipschitz, A DPPT (Directed Pressure Point Technique) practitioner in Milnerton, Cape Town: http://dppt.org/business-directory/?action=search&dosrch=1&q&listingfields%5B13%5D=48&listingfields%5B14%5D=268