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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Fixing South Africa. Is it possible?

Have you seen the Dear Moody's Video Series? http://bit.ly/dearmoodys 4 hours to learn how to fix South Africa. Are you prepared to make this investment?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Finally: Understanding that South Africa has amazing policy, but poor implementation

“The IMF is used as a scare tactic to make the government aware that if we don’t implement the necessary policies, we may be forced to turn” to them, Thabi Leoka, an independent economist, said in an emailed response to questions. “South Africa’s problems are not insurmountable. We know what we need to do. Our problem is the lack of implementation and political will.”

Finally someone who realises that we have fantastic policy, but we don't have the will to implement it. It's our law, regulations, rules, standards, procedures, that prevent policy adoption.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Binge Watch?

There are so many things that are designed to distract us from the task at hand. We can make our world better if we want to. But instead we are distracted by all sorts of things over which we have no control.

About 1 person a day is watching my Dear Moody's series. It represents 20 years of R&D and over 20,000 hours of investment, and it shows how we can fix South Africa.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

News in 2035: Eskom Repays Debt and becomes world's top performing utility

What happens if Eskom's 50,000 employees are "given" Eskom and told that they each owe R10 million?

This debt must be paid by 2035. They are given an opportunity to fix Eskom and repay the debt and keep the balance of any profits that are made, or bigger salaries that are paid so that Eskom doesn't make a profit or loss (Eskom's original mission in 1923 was to operate without making a profit or loss; and from 1923 until 1974 prices dropped in real terms).

Four caveats:- 1) Eskom must at least breakeven and have zero debt by 2035; 2) Eskom can't put up prices by more than inflation; 3) Eskom is allowed 10 days of load shedding per year, planned or unplanned, with maximum 2 hours per day for any area. This means that Eskom will be able to load shed the entire country for 2 hours per day for 120 days per year. This so that they are given time to fix the system. 4) No more government funding.

If they don't pay the debt, they lose all their possessions up to the value of R10 million in 2019 money.

On 31st December 2035, Eskom reverts to government "ownership".

The Rands owed breakdown could also be prorated based on their salaries, length of service, time to retirement, etc.

Personally I believe that it is possible for Eskom to repay its entire debt by 2026 without incurring any more debt.

Note that Government can use this model for all SOE's without Privatising them. And the employees / workers get to run the companies for the next 16 years and if they fail they basically lose everything, which is pretty much the life of a normal entrepreneur, who stands to make a lot, but also stands to lose everything.